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Decent enough

It's not very user-friendly and hard to get it to do what you want. The end result isn't that fancy. It is a free product, though. If you just want a simplistic graph-making program, it does the job.

Perfect for quick graphing projects

This app worked great! Just what my daughter needed to complete her school project.

Not user friendly nor understandable

I hated this application. It was way to complicated and I found it very difficult to change the data chart to what I needed it to be like. I am doing this project for school and I need to make a line graph based on a function table. This application was a pain to use, even for something as simple as what I'm doing. Very disappointed in this app.

Powerful graphing tool

This is a powerful graphics environment for anyone wanting to do complex graphs with minimal programming. There is some learning curve, but there are plenty of examples to get you going. Very solid and useful.

Instructions incomplete

I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to enter data for a line graph with no success. Not user friendly at all.

painfully useless

Was not able to get this to import a data file. The so-called instructions are mind-numbingly obtuse, and clearly not written by an native english speaker. I have no doubt that the developer is able to import data into this, but for some reason refuses to reveal the data format in the help file, stating in the "manual" that it is "obvious". Well, it ain't obvious to me, bud. This one went straight to trash after several futile attempts to make it do something.

Umm no...

I don't understand how to use this app at all. I think there at least needs to be a tutorial on how to use it when it's first used because how on earth do the data points show up on the graph?? When I put in my data, in ascending order, nothing showed up on the graph. Also, when I put the data in the columns correctly and I click on the title of the column, all my data points are deleted. Why?? The instructions on how to use this app are really confusing and are not helpful at all. I just don't understand how anyone can efficiently work with this app...

I had no success

I have simple text file with data in them separated by commas. This app would not import these data and there are no clear instructions as to how to do so. It does seem to be able to import things …. that was the intent of the app … but multiple variables separated by commas is not an option, but most data stored in text files is stored that way. It looked like it would have been a good app for making basic graphics, but without the ability to import data it isn't. I cant recommend it.

Its a bit touchy

Not clear on how to save a number or word into a column on the graph. I am a serious golfer, and so I want to record my stats onto a spreadsheet or graph. However, when I type in the course, it never saves, and its just blank. The numbers are fine and they are saved, but I'm guessing that words cannot be saved except for titling the column of the graph. Its a helpful app , however a bit annoying sometimes and a bit touchy as well

Garbage unfortunately

It looked promising from the basic interface, but it proved to be complete garbage. Did not help me in the least.

bah line graph

I created a line graph only after an annoying amount of trial and error. "Help" not helpful at all. Still, it was free.

Nice and useful app

Nice application, it is full of useful features. Once thing though, the App store keeps telling me there is a update, yet when I try to install it, it tells me I don't have Lion (which I don't). So there is a little bug, either the update does apply to 10.6.8 and a bug prevents it from beign applied OR I should nto get an update notification at all. Thanks

Useful app, good support.

This is a very well designed app with plenty of useful features. The developer responds quickly to email and is receptive to adding new features. Integrating the manual into the application and having the help buttons go directly to the relevant manual page makes it easy to lookup and understand the features. Plus, if you use the optional skin and export features then this app easily has incredible formatting and exporting capabilities. The table input got better in this release too.


Do not waste time with this application. You attempt to copy and paste information, and it pastes all information into one cell. It is not possible to select more than one cell within the application. You attempt to import data, and it wants it to be from a file server. I guess if you only have like 10 data points, and this is for a kindergartener, it might be worth 10 minutes of your time, otherwise, keep looking.


No way to import data. No way to save our output graphs. Waste of time. I suspect the positive reviews were written by the developer. Ignore.


What a neat program! It's fast, intuitive and full of options. Worked perfectly on my MacBook.

Can't Figure it Out

I wanted a very basic program to make a very basic graph and this looked promising, but I can't figure out how to use it. The directions didn't help much.

Can't use it....

So I download this on my 13" MacBook Pro & I cannot use it. The top of the screen is cut off--as if it is only for larger screens, so I can't enter info. No info, no graph. The same thing happens on my 11" MacBook Air. I would be willing to pay for one that works on smaller screens. Too bad!


Way too confusing to use, it doesn't explain how to use everything very well. The design is very ugly, it feels as though I'm working with a 90's program. Unless it's updated with a revamped design, I'll have to give this a no download.

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